Help with hair- can I get mine to look like Bradley Cooper's?

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I have thick, wavy hair which I recently have been growing out. It is pretty straight when short but starts to get really wavy and curl up a bit as it gets longer. (I think it's 2b/2c- not sure since I haven't grown it much longer than this) I really want mine to look like Bradley Cooper's and I have the same hair color, eye color, and facial hair as him. I posted a pic of my hair wet and dry. I want it to look similar to these:

Below is my hair dry and wet (I realize I have to grow it a bit more on top)


Im hoping I can achieve that look by some blow drying/right products- what do you guys think?


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    Maybe it's because I'm on my phone, but I don't see any pictures? Everybody has a hair idol (at least it seems like it,) just keep trying!
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    fixed the pics!
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    I think you can definitely achieve that look once it gets a little longer.

    This video (from Deva) might give you some ideas of how to style it while growing it out:

    Meet Sage, your Devachan Salon Stylist - YouTube

    Hope that helps!
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    I think you can achieve a similar hairstyle too... But if you can't, I bet you can still get some pretty fun hair!
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    thanks for the input, im currently growing it out a little bit so i have more options with it... i also really like this hairstyle which just embraces the curls but im not sure how i would style it....i normally blow dry my hair a little with a serum/cream because if i dont then it just poofs up when air drying- however by blow drying it straightens it out a little bit which sort of defeats the purpose of utilizing the curls. How would I achieve this look if my hair has a very similar texture and also assuming i get it the same length wise

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