Contemplating going CG

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I have (I think) a 2c/3a hair type. It was wavy when I was younger and around 4th grade began curling and has gotten curlier ever since. I am now a sophomore in college.

I straight-ironed my hair for about 2.5 years (junior year-mid semester last year) but would occasionally wear it curly. I think by now it's pretty healthy. It's about shoulder-length when curled.

I'm considering trying the CG method. If anyone could tell me how it worked for them, what to expect, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. I've been reading some articles and posts on this site, but there is SO much and I'm pretty overwhelmed. Which links are the ones I truly need to look at?

I'm also confused about the no shampoo thing. Doesn't hair get oily or gunky?

Thanks :)


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    The first thing you need to do is determine hair properties (texture, porosity, etc) as these are the key to finding products that work for you.

    I'm going to be completely honest. Like plenty of other things in life, CG works for lots of people, but not for everyone. When it does work the results can be amazing. But even if full blown CG doesn't work, you end up learning a lot about your hair in the process, so it's really a no lose situation.

    I was pretty skeptical of the no shampoo thing also, especially because I train in martial arts 4-5 days/wk. I found that conditioners labeled as clarifying work best for me. And good agitation while you're cleansing and rinsing your scalp is key. If things do start to feel gunky you can always rotate in a low-poo as needed (this is common for wavies and fine-haired curlies). I've found that I can co-wash most of the time. I'm modified CG because I will still rotate in an occasional sulfate shampoo or silicone-laden product. But most of the time I follow CG.

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    Thank you!!

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