gaby9119gaby9119 Registered Users Posts: 7
I used to have 3a style hair and 3c style on good days since i was like 3. Then when I was 9 I started using this shampoo called Matrix Essentials and then it started to flaten. Now i have 2b style hair. I HAVE NEVER PERMED AND ONLY STREAIGHTENED ONCE! PLEASE I WANT MY CURLYS BACK!
P.s I swam a lot i dont know if that has do with anything


  • AlliekinsAlliekins Registered Users Posts: 21
    The swimming probably has alot to do with it. Also your hair changes as you get older, a LOT during your preteen and puberty years, and alot again during pregnancy and adulthood.

    I used to have straight poofy blonde hair as a kid and now my hair is 3c and nearly black. Expect change and embrace it :)

    But the chemicals in swimming pools probably have just damaged your hair so you're losing some of your "spring" factor. When was your last haircut? Is it a lot longer now then it was when you were 9? Length will change your curl as well. :)
  • gaby9119gaby9119 Registered Users Posts: 7
    My last hair cut was about 10 months ( I know a lot ) I think now it is the same length when I was 9. Do you think I should get a trim? OH and I still swim, but now i wear a cap and condition daily.
    BTW I'm only 14

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