Conditioner recs for 2c-3a

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Hi there,

I have very long 2c-3aish hair (it actually runs more 3a with very defined ringlets that are a little tighter than normal, quarter inch to half inch in diameter, but the length weighs it out to 2c-3a), and I'm doing a 'poo free method. I'm looking for a good generic-ish brand conditioner for the poo free method that will give me the luxe shiny effect that conditioner can give. I'm currently doing Pantene for curls (moisture), any suggestions? Miracle products?


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    I'm totally new to all this, but what type of conditioner are you wanting? I'm always looking for silicone free conditioners because they don't do well in my hair. I like Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner.
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