The Ocean's Effect

BambiFirebrookBambiFirebrook Registered Users Posts: 33
Hi everyone!
I'm coming out of lurk mode to ask a quick question. I'm going to Barbados for a study abroad trip Friday and was wondering I'd anyone had any insight as to how the salinity in the air might affect the state of my hair.
I live in Charleston, SC so I'm used to the humid climate and have learned to deal with that but have considered the fact that being on an island might be a different experience. Any advice anyone can offer would be great. Thanks in advance!

Here to learn and grow....


  • SistapopdemcurlSistapopdemcurl Registered Users Posts: 225
    I am from the US Virgin Islands and it is hot as hell here. Therefore, your hair can be very dry. I tend to use products that have glycerin it. Also, I use honey with my deep treatment. Some people here are practicing the curly girl method. So I hope this helps.
  • BambiFirebrookBambiFirebrook Registered Users Posts: 33
    thank you!

    Here to learn and grow....

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