Protein treatment gone bad :( HELP!!

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Ok so I'm not necessarily new to the natural world. I havent had a relaxer since March of 2010 but the majority of the time I've worn braids of some type. I took my hair out summer and fall of 2011 and wore it natural for a few months at school. I straightened it in november to see what it looked like and how long it was. I felt like after that my curls were looser so I did the aphogee protein treatment to tighten them. I did the treatment and then got braids again to leave heat out of it. i had braids from december to may. I took out my hair and its as if my roots are now 4b/c and the rest of my hair is still my normal curly and smooth. The puffy roots make it impossible to even wear a pony tail and God forbid I wear it out. I've been back and forth with just gettin a relaxer since I can't cut the roots off. I'm completely confused as to how the hair is growing in at a different texture than the rest of my hair. Can anyone tell me what's going on? :(


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    I'm sorry your having trouble with your hair. I'm pretty good at helping with protein issues as I'm protein sensitive.
    Relaxing,I don't have any valuable experience in. I don't really understand your question, but it almost sounds like you are asking about relaxing and regrowth. Is that right?
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