I dont know whats happening, my hair has literally been the same length for 4 months?

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i dont understand whats happening. ive kept my hair in cornrows under my various wigcaps for about 4 months, (periodically, about every 2-3 weeks id take them out, wash, deep condition, then rebraid) and id take pictures from 4 months ago to now for length check refrences and ive been looking at the pictures and my hair has STAYED at armpit lenght for the past 4 months!! WTF?

Although this is the longest my hair has ever been , i want it longer! whats happening??


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    I have cornrows too. I notice that my hair grows at about a 1/2 inch in 4 weeks. Are you seeing any new growth at your roots? If so, maybe you are growing hair but not retaining length because of breakage at the ends. I am taking Be Beautiful vitamins at GNC and I am growing out healthy hair. Armpit length sounds wonderful by the way!
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    i agree w above. it could be breaking at the ends. my hair seemed to not be growing for awhile but i upped my water in take by A LOT now its growing like crazy. i know if you dont drink enough water your hair gets what it needs last. so maybe increase your water intake. i aim for a gallon a day.
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    How do you moisturize between washings? 2 to 3 weeks is a long time without moisture. Actually My hair needs it every day.
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    well come to think of it, i really dont usually do anything to my hair between that 2-3 week stretch. i just kind of wear my wigcap, then take it of and tie with a satin scarf at night. maybe thats where the problem is stemming from?
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    adthomas wrote: »
    How do you moisturize between washings? 2 to 3 weeks is a long time without moisture. Actually My hair needs it every day.

    You also need to seal in the moisture. I notice if I don't do that, my hair is not happy.

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