Etiquette Question: Disaster Edition

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I was friends with this person, but we drifted apart after he moved to another country to be near his relatives. We haven't communicated in a few years, but we're still buddies on a social networking site.

There have recently been disastrous events near his city. I'd like to let him know that I hope he and his loved ones are doing okay, via the social networking site. But I'm worried that if his loved ones have been hurt, my message could be very distressing.

Any ideas on how I could phrase this? Would it be better to say nothing? Should I just wait for him to post something about this, and then respond to what he says? (The problem with that is, he usually posts in a language I don't know at all.)

e: He's totally fluent in English as a second language. But it's not his first language, and he was raised in a culture somewhat different from that of the US. So a message that depends on subtle nuances probably isn't the best approach.

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  • ShondadiniShondadini Posts: 205Registered Users
    It think it would be ok to send a note along the lines of I'm thinking of you and wishing the best for him and his family without going into details of potential disaster.
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    If his loved ones are hurt, he is already distressed. Just send him a note saying you are thinking of him and hope he and his loved ones are safe and healthy.

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    It never hurts to send an "I'm thinking of you" note.