Measuring liquid medicine

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Ok, I'm almost 45 and I can't see the small print any more without a struggle. I wear multi-focal contact lenses but its still not so easy. When did manufactures of medicine dosage cups stop printing in black and start this damn clear but raised up a bit for the markings. I hate it! Does anybody know where I can get the old school kind?


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    Probably from a pharmacy. You can also resquest the syringes (the ones they typically give to children), which I think are way easier and more fun to use.

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    A standard sized tea spoon will hold 5ml of liquid. You could use that as a measure. Or get a measuring spoon from a pharmacy.
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    This is why I bought a multipack of 1.75 reader glasses and have them throughout the house
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    If it's raised you can try brushing it lightly with a Sharpie so you can see it better.
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