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My hair is getting on my nerves. My hair is about 3b/3c and is shoulder length. I really have no idea what to do with it. I usually wear it tied up. I don't want to straighten it so I don't damage it.

I want a new style. I do have bangs that have grown out and go past my eye.
Oh yeah, and my face is kind of a rounder oval shape. Thanks! :tongue3:


  • SimplySophiaSimplySophia Registered Users Posts: 54
    Are you looking for a new hair cut or just things to do with your current hair?

    Waterlily716 has some great tutorials and styles that you can experiment with. And I think there is a post somewhere in the Teen Forums about hair for school. Page 3-4?
    If not then maybe you could cut it a bit shorter, or just wait for it to grow longer.

    Anyway hope that helped and good luck(:
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  • yyyyyyyy Registered Users Posts: 8
    Hey you can do braidouts, twistouts, banding method, put it up, swirl to the side and glide lol! You also can braid it in the back put your pontail up to the side and let it fall down! You can also wear it curly with a red or purple flower on the side! You can also braid it back to form one big ponytail braid! Girl is alot of styles out there! But hey can you answer my question, I am new here lol!:hello2:

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