Hair dying and thinning?

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Last December I had my stylist take off 2.5 inches and do an all over dye which was my 2nd time doing an all over color. For the following 3.5 weeks I took a flat iron to my hair and finally decided I wanted to try to go the natural curly route. Long story short, in about February I noticed I was shedding a ton and my hair has lost a lot of its thickness. Before starting my journey of going all natural, I was using Dove daily moisturizer conditioner as my curly creme and it did its job better than anything I tried but it's drawback was it left my hair a sticky mess. So back to the point, could the hair dye cause me to shed as much as I was/am? Health history is I've been chronically anemic for several years but during that time I was taking Iron supplements and surprisingly my iron stores and hemoglobin was increasing and I know my anemia doesn't help my hair issues either; but the amount of shedding was new and shocking. Also, I've highlighted my hair for years and never saw these results and used the same stylist, and she says she's been using the same brand of dye for a long time.


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    I don't know what kind of colour was used in this 'all over dye', but hair colour, ESPECIALLY permanent colour (that is able to lighten your natural shade) is always going to damage your hair. So does ironing it.

    Imagine your hair to be a piece of antique fine lace. It does not 'heal' like you read in the shampoo and conditioner ads. It is dead protein.. you can try to hide the damage, but once damage is done to the delicate cuticle, it's done. Chemicals from hair colour and perms, heat from irons and physical stress from combing, brushing and styling all contribute to the damage. It is only a matter of time before the hair can't hold together any more and breakage occurs. My guess is this is the reason for your hair loss.

    Iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss as well.. but this is from the roots directly.. have you looked at the hairs you are losing do they have root bulbs?

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