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My baby boy is 7 mths old and he's always had itchy skin, but the last month and a half he has extremely red cheeks. They are very red and get scaly - sometimes very raw looking. I took him to the doc and she said to use hydro-cortisone for 3 or 4 days till it clears up and then stop using it for a few weeks.

The thing is that as soon as I stop using it, the next day his cheeks flare up again. He is drooling lots b/c he is teething, but poor thing is just so itchy and uncomfortable.

I've tried different lotions when not using the cortisone, but nothing really helps. Anyone have any suggestions that worked for your baby's eczema? Or do I just wait until this passes. I'm thinking of going back to the doctor to get referred to a dermatologist.

Thanks ladies.


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    I went through that with both my girls, nothing worked until the Pedi asked me to try this....Derma-Smoothe Body Oil by Hill Dermaceuticals

    It's a rx, and some insurance companies don't cover it. It's about $30 a bottle without insurance but the bottle last me year at a time and that's using it on both girls.

    It's magic. Seriously. My oldest had the worst areas, in fact we had one that wouldn't go away for 6+ months. They thought she had ringworm, some bacteria, fungus, all kinds of things and nothing worked. Until the Derma-Smoothe. It was instant relief for them and in 2 days was completely gone. We use it as needed now when eczema patches pop up, and it works beautifully. My girls call it their magic fairy potion.:laughing6:

    I just wanted to add, that eczema is something you're usually stuck with. One of the magic things I used that helped was burts bee's buttermilk bath powder in their bath, they don't make it anymore so I add powered buttermilk and oatmeal to their bath water. After bath I apply lotion or the derma-smoothe to the spots that need it and seal it with aquafer. Stay away from using soaps and bath washes on kids with skin issues, it makes it worse.
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    I have to use Shea moisture black soap cleanser & lotion on my son. That may work id you use a little of the lotion on her cheeks after a bath

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    Thanks for the replies ladies.

    InissantAngel, I'm in Canada so I'm not sure we have that rx here. I will check with my doc.

    SS40, I've heard good thing about African Black soap. I will have to give the lotion a try.

    It's so frustrating to see my baby scratching his cheeks. I hate to see him so irritated :(. I hope I can find something that will help easy the itch for him and prevent constant flare ups.

    Thanks again.
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    I used eucerin cream on both if my boys' faces and it really helped. It comes in a jar not a bottle or tube. Also used Aquaphor ointment on their body when needed. Don't use the hydrocortisone daily, follow what the Dr said. It damages the skin if u don't give the skin small frequent breaks from it. Good luck!!
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    Aveeno used to make an oatmeal bath that really helped my kids. That was forever ago though.

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    Soak some organic oatmeal in hot water and use it to spritz his face, you can put a little olive oil or Shea oil on top of it. Shea butter(raw), and Shea oil are very good for eczema. African black soap also but it's potency varies. If you can purchase one it should be lightly colored.
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    I will definitely avoid the hydrocortisone as much as possible. I will head to the drugstore tomorrow and see what I can find. I'm gonna try one thing at a time for a while and see how we do.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.
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    Over-the-counter hydrocortizone helps somewhat for my DS, but the prescription ointments work better when it's flaring up badly. Thanks for the tip about the Derma-Smoothe--I'll ask about that next time I have to take him in.

    The most important tip for my son on a day-to-day basis is keeping his skin well moisturized. I put lotion all over his body 2-3 times a day. That, and avoid perfumed soaps and laundry detergent, and NO dryer sheets or fabric softener.
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    Both of my girls suffered/suffer from eczema and none of the lightweight stuff worked for either of them (aveeno, eucerin, cetaphil, etc). With my first, I had to start using natural products only and that didn't really help much). She had Rx cream. And it wasn't until she was 1 and we eliminated milk did her skin clear up. Shikai dry skin/eczema borage lotion did keep her moisturized for longer than any other lotion, cream, or ointment.

    With my second, her skin is much much worse. She also has a Rx cream and was referred to a dermatologist. There they gave me samples of vanicream lotion and soap and vaniply ointment. For her skin, it's amazing. It's non prescription, so maybe you can find it at a drug store near you. Also, it turns out she has food allergies and once those foods were eliminated her skin started doing much better.

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    my son hasnt gotten it but i have being pregnant all on my neck and chest, on those areas i quit using soap, and only use water, as soon as i get out the shower extra virgin olive oil liberally on both areas. thats made it go down some. not fully away but i havent been regular with it. maybe that might help
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    Thanks all for your advice. I have been using Aveeno Eczema cream and so far it's helped. I use it about 3 to 4 times a day and it's definitely helped with the redness and itching. Hopefully it continues to work.

    I was reading that adding a calendula oil to the bath helps some too, so I will try to find that at the natural foods store.

    Thanks all.
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    The only thing that clears mine up is Lidex aka Fluocinonide. I'm not a baby, though. But I've had eczema my whole life. Nothing holistic or OTC does it for me.

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