5 Things a Stylist Should NEVER Say to a Curly Client

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We're doing an article on some of the things a stylist should never say to a curly client. We'd love to hear your ideas.


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    I once had a stylist that kept brushing my hair and she told me, "your hair isn't curly, it is just fluffy." I have 3b curls that I have lived with for 20 years and I think that I would know if my hair was curly. I should have just walked out of the salon!
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    I had an appointment at a salon in Florida which I had called in advance to ask if they had someone who did curly hair. They told me yes and scheduled me with her. I showed up on the day of my appointment and the stylist who does curly hair never showed. Then the stylist that was there asked what I wanted done. I told her I wanted to go from dark brown hair to light ash brown. She said she was an expert at color and that she could do it. Her hair color looked very nice even though it was straight hair. When the color was done she brought me in front of the mirror and she asked me if I comb my hair?? She left my hair soaking wet after adding some gel in it and told me that my hair would look really nice straight and that I should come back so she could help me with that. She then also tried to cut my hair due to the damage from the color and I would not allow it!! By the time I got home my hair was dry and the hair color looked like I had an alkaline battery dropped on my head, very non-uniform color deposits of bleach blonde, orange, and brassiness. Nothing looked ash nor did it have any shade of brown in it. I paid 135 dollars for it and it was a total waste. That same day I went to Walmart and bought Revlon dark brown and put it in my hair and at least it looked normal. I could not be seen in public with the haircolor I left with that's how bad it was! I had to ask my boyfriend and brother to get the dye for me from Walmart.
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    Risos, that's awful. What a horrible experience and you paid so much for it.
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    Yea so I definitely learned that 1 of the 5 things a stylist should NEVER say to a curly client is, "Do you comb your hair?"
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    I have tried so many hairstylist and they always say, "oh I had a client in a little while ago with hair just like yours, except I meanitt was a little less curly, would you like me to starighten it for you?"
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    I haven't gone to a salonist in years. The reason was because of one very terrible experience that has left me with a phobia of salonists in general. But I'll list the problems/commentary from it.

    1.) They were obviously afraid of my hair. I walked in and their mouths dropped. Kid you not. Still, instead of suggesting some other place, they had me meet with someone.

    2.) I told the woman the one thing i knew at the time about curly hair: You should probably cut it dry. She nodded in agreement and then stated she thought she could do it wet just fine. She proceeds to cut off 3 inches wet.

    3.) As she is cutting my hair she tells me that she has never done "ethnic" hair before (I should've ran)

    4.) She starts listing off random facts about black hair that I think was meant to assure her and even pulled out a book about black up-do's. I'm biracial. My hair is solidly 3b/c and with a texture much like my white, fine/soft-haired mother (standing next to me) than what she was talking about (which was more 4 type).

    5.) Mainly she kept muttering stuff about curly hair loving moisture and kept dumping heavy product meant for a very different texture and type of curl.

    There were other bad moments with this salonist, but they don't apply.
    By the end my up-do didn't look bad (miraculously) but it was as hard as a titanium shell. I slept on it bare and not one hair moved on my head. The real shock was when I took it out. My hair, which had once reached to my cheast was now halfway up my neck. I still remember staring, looking to see if I'd missed a bobby pin that would miraculously restore my mane.
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    Hello! I think this is my very first post, but I had to come out of the lurker fog to give some input on this topic.

    When I was 5 years-old a hairstylist told my curl-hating curly mother that in order to blow dry my hair she would need to chop off 10 inches of hair, leaving me with collarbone length hair. Then she and another stylist proceeded tackle my hair between both of them. Leaving me with fluffy, dull, short hair and my very first migraine.

    Since then it took me 10 years to find a stylist that didn't take a look at my thick mane of hair and didn't suggest cutting it or straightning it so that they could cut down on blow drying time.

    Tl;dr: Worst thing a stylist can do is see your shiny split-end free curls and say "Oh, your hair is so damaged, want me to cut off about 4 inches of it?"
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    i was at the salon saturday and a lady was getting her hair done, which had curly hair and the stylist said your hair is too tangled and course, we might have to do a mild relaxer...her hair was fine to me.. a dominican salon lol
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    I have had too many bad salon experiences to count, I know how it is when you walk into a salon and everyone seizes up when they see your hair, not to mention my hair hits my lower back, I stopped going years ago. This isn't about a salon though, but I get annoyed by a similar situation at least once a month... Whenever I go into my local Sephora to get a non hair product, the cashier always throws a bunch, & I mean a bunch of frizz control samples in my bag. I love my curly hair & it is rarely frizzy, I never use their insulting samples. When did curly hair automatically equal frizzy hair. Plus when my hair is frizzy I love it, it's a very carefree 70's look for me.

    By the way, Hello everyone or anyone, this is my first post, I couldn't resist.
  • SoberingPiano11SoberingPiano11 Posts: 9Registered Users
    I've only had this happen once, but I HATE it when they have the nerve to complain about how big my hair may be, or how hard it is to do. -.-
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    OMG, after reading everyone's replies I now know why I hate going to the hairdressers. I genuinely didn't know it was difficult to cut curly hair and that most of them (hate to generalise here!) don't like to cut our hair.

    It was years of my mother hauling the head off me trying to brush the knots out that made me HATE anyone even touching my hair.

    I have had a few nightmare salon visits. One sticks out in particular was after washing/cutting my hair I asked her not to blow dry it and she was like 'it will be fine'. I came out looking like a poodle and ran up the road home in tears and vowed never again to visit a salon again (I was 15!).

    I will admit I am lucky as my best friend cuts my hair (once a year when I actually let her!!!!). The unlucky part is I now live in another country and can only get my hair done when I go home. Doesn't really bother me though as I mentioned I hate anyone at my hair, including my best friend lol!

    Also, everytime I've ever gotten my hair cut, they've always cut more than I've asked them to do 'oh but it needed it'. I don't care... what the client wants the client should get!
  • jkaljkal Posts: 1Registered Users
    I went to a stylist who was Deva trained. Every time I went he would ask me if I wanted a blow-out or some kind of straightening process. One think Deva always emphasizes is never to straighten your hair. This person was trained by Deva and still was pressuring me each time to straighten my hair. I felt that he was saying what we all really want it straight hair. Hmph.
  • kpj731kpj731 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Michelle wrote: »
    We're doing an article on some of the things a stylist should never say to a curly client. We'd love to hear your ideas.

    I'm sure we've all heard this one "No, it won't dry shorter then where I cut it, Trust me."

    Needless to say, i did not trust her. I found my stylist and if he ever retires, I will just never cut my hair again.
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    My latest hairdresser :( she told me my hair is unmanageable and I should do the keratin treatment, I let her do my hair, I should have know when I left the salon that it was a puff ball of straight... Now my hair really is unmanageable cuz she gave me a dye and cut that make me tangle :(
  • CPER137CPER137 Posts: 8Registered Users
    Forgot to mention this lady had clients come in after me and they had pin straight hair :/ much to my dismay I'll be cutting my hair to start my normal curls again :/
  • boyseverywhereboyseverywhere Posts: 1Registered Users
    I had went to a stylist when I was about 18 who, when I sat in the chair and she started to really look at my hair, told me I had the worst perm she had ever seen. She recommended I cut it ultra short and start over.
    She did not believe me when I told her it was natural. I got up and left! I thought, if you can't even recognize curly (3b/3c) hair, you better get away from me!!
  • CelebrationCelebration Posts: 134Registered Users
    I once had a stylist insist on washing, blow drying, and straightening my hair BEFORE she cut it...she said it would help her to see what she was doing....and this was after I told her that I never blow dry nor straighten my hair.
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  • DepressedCurlsDepressedCurls Posts: 836Registered Users
    Automatically beginning to straighten it without asking. They assume that's why you're there. In all actuality i was just there for it to be layered. And i was given the comb, to comb out my own hair before and after they washed it. Because she said she didn't think she could do it. I feel like a different species going to a salon..

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    • When I was six, my mother cut my hair herself (into some sort of demented pixie cut that turned into an afro because she didn't know how to take care of the curls) because she didn't like dealing with the tangles in my hair.

    • When I was 12 or 13, my mother took me to the salon where they tried to 'reverse-perm' my hair and I ended up with an even bigger afro than before.

    • When I was 17, a stylist told me she knew how to cut curly hair. When she went to cut my bangs, I told her to cut them no shorter than the bottom of my nose. She cut them at my eyebrows and I ended up with no bangs at all when my hair dried (and I refused to pay for the haircut).

    THAT is when I started growing my hair out ...

    • Three years ago, I went to a stylist who specializes in curly hair (recommended here) for a 'dry cut'. My hair looked great when I left the salon, but my hair looked worse afterwards because I couldn't figure out how to diffuse my hair the way he did.

    • Last year, I went to another stylist who specializes in curly hair for a cut and color. He ended up not being available and I ended up with one of his assistants. She didn't take my greying roots, or my dark ends from years of coloring, into consideration and I ended up with tri-colored hair -- brassy red at the roots, a beautiful color in the middle, and dark brown on the ends. She tried to 'fix' the problem but couldn't, so I ended up going back to my normal hair color.

    I haven't stepped foot in a salon since! I hate when stylists tell me they know what they're doing -- but they don't -- and I end up looking worse than when I went in.
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