Curly hair and sweat?

Hello! Okay so, I know a general rule of thumb for people with curly hair is that we are not supposed to wash our hair every day, because it becomes dryer if you do this.

However, what happens after you work out and sweat? I work out everyday, and I have curly hair, and yes, I sweat - a lot. So what do I do? Isn't the sweat the same thing as water? Is it becoming dry with my sweat?

Help! :-)


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    I have the same problem and I do cleanse my hair every day. I try to co-wash most of the time, with a gentle sulfate shampoo once or twice a week (a sulfate-free shampoo would work too- I just find most of them more drying than a good sulfate shampoo). If you're using gentle products there's nothing wrong with frequent cleansing.

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    I use a dry shampoo on days like that and follow up with a good moist leave-in.
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    co-wash after each work out and use a gentle shampoo as needed?
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    :icon_smile: I co-wash every day (I have to as I can never get second day hair), and have done since I started the CG method over a year ago. So far, so good!;-)
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    I have dryness in my hair, so I alternate between doing my whole routine and just using a rinse out and water rinse every other day. I've found I can still maintain my curl pattern that way and keep moisturized but don't need the extra co-wash on my scalp daily to feel refreshed.
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    I alternate between waterwashing and low pooing. I sweat quite a bit when I work out so I have to do something!
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