Sensitivity to dye!!

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I really need to color my hair but have an allergy to permanent hair coloring any suggestions on a non permanent hair dye thanks:love5:


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    Genuine henna is all natural. It's ground up leaves of the henna plant.
    Great if you want super shine and red. It does not lighten your natural hair colour. It just glosses this beautiful super bright colour over your existing shade.

    There ARE actually different types of hair colour that you might not be allergic to. It really depends on the allergy. I know that Goldwell colour uses a different type of pigment that some people can use when they are allergic to the other, more common, type of pigment. If you go to a salon that uses Goldwell and tell them about what you know about your allergy, maybe they can mix up a bit and do a text patch for you.

    You might be sensitive to the ammonia or other ingredients, though, and you may be out of luck.

    Personally I love henna and would never go back to permanent colour, but it's great for me because I want red hair. If you don't want the red you can use Indigo to get different shades of brown. Check out the henna for hair website.

    Henna for Hair

    oh doh.. I just saw that you wanted non permanent results.. Henna is permanent, though it doesn't damage the hair.
    There are temporary and semi-permanent formulations in the Goldwell line.. I hope their pigments work for you!
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    Thanks so much the info :) i will definitly look into these products.

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    Do you know exactly what you are allergic to? Is it the PPD or the ammonia, or are you not sure? If it's just the ppd, you might be able to get away with a couple of demi brands. Knowing exactly what the problem is will help you choose the right hair color. Depending on your natural hair color, and the color you are trying to achieve, you could use a semi perm dye. Unlike demis and permanent dyes, they don't contain ammonia or ppd. If you're looking for natural colors you could try clairol's beautiful collection, or if you want to have a little more fun, manic panic, punky colors, and pravana are good options. However, I have to warn you about pravana vivids. The colors are beautiful, but they don't really fade away like manic panic and punky. This can be a good, or bad thing depending on how often you like to change hair colors.

    Hope that helps!

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