Name of Product from Sallys Please

TallPatTallPat Registered Users Posts: 1
I can get to Sallys Beauty Salon. What type of product should I buy. I'm trying things out for the first time. I think I have Type 2 hair. I'm waiting for the books 2001 edition called Curly Girl. Any help gratefully accepted. I already own lots of shampoo so I'd really like to get the right one. Thanks.


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator

    Thanks for your inquiry, but I'm really only familiar with the products in CurlMart, and I'm afraid I can't really provide a good recommendation. I suggest posting over at the type 2 forum (here) to get more personalized feedback, and browsing the product review database (here) to narrow down the list.

    If memory serves, there should be a thread regarding what to buy from Sally Beauty in the type 2 forum, so you might wish to look around for that.

    Best of luck in your hunt for the perfect products!

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