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I'm 13 and i've been relaxing my hair ever scince i was 9 and i really want to go natural. I've been transitioning for about 6 months and i think its time for me to cut off my relaxed ends. I've told my mom and she's agreed to let me do it but now she's all shakey on the situation on me having short hair and i now need to re-convince her but how. Help :toothy8: :salut: :afro:


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    Hmmm...Whenever I talk to my mom about haircare, I always bring up the chemical aspect of relaxing. The chemical burns on the scalp, the location of a chemical so close to your most valued asset (your brain), etc. Maybe this angle can help. Why did you decide to transition? Have you talked to her about why before?

    Also, if she is paying for your routine haircare, then maybe you can try and win her over with estimates of how much she will save (this implies you will be taking care of your hair more often than a salon, and managing the cost of products you choose accordingly).
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