A question about damage, and a question about clumps

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How long does it take to repair damage? I know everyone's different, but I've been at this almost a year and my front layers are still a mess. When naked and air dried, they dry almost straight. Basically, from my crown forward it's like I have different hair. It air dries in 15 minutes flat and dries to a fuzzy, undefined mess. Meanwhile, my back and especially my underlayers are spirals when soaking wet, take forever to air dry, and dry into nice clumpy curls. It's like split personality hair :lol: These front/side layers I can coax curl out of with product and diffusing, but they took the most abuse from my flat-ironing days and still take the most abuse from diffusing because they require so much effort. So I'm probably getting nowhere, even with the new growth I have, because it still takes the heat, literally.

And for my second, unrelated question - can clumps weigh fine, thin hair down? I remember the few times I diffused and wore it curly years ago, I knew nothing about clumping, raked in whatever cone filled product I was using, and would end up with curly-cues all over (albeit thin, plastic-y ones, but curlier). No clumps, but curls and volume. Now I try to encourage some clumps, and end up with a less-curly look overall (except my pretty underlayer nobody ever sees) plus patches of scalp showing (thin density) and maybe it's a result of damage and weakened curl pattern, but I wondered if the clumps themselves had anything to do with it. Tomorrow I'll use my go-to products but probably try to break the clumps up more and see what happens. I notice my smaller clumped sections have a tighter curl pattern. I don't want stringlets or tupperhair, but I guess a part of me still misses my inner little girl curlies and wishes I could get them back. I read the science of clumps post linked in the sticky with useful links and started wondering if maybe it's just not in my curl pattern & hair texture's nature to be forced into clumps.

That is all! Thanks in advance!
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    In my experience (fine hair, thin density) great clumps=lots of visible scalp. (I have pictures on my blog :))

    Most of the time, I try a middle of the road process. I go for great clumps. Then, once my hair is dry and I SOTC, I do more root fluffing/ruffling, to help make my scalp less visible.
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