Armour Thyroid medication?

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I have been on levothyroxine for almost 3 years total. (would've been 4 but my mom took me off of it, I hope I don't have heart problems in the future!) So I've been back on it for about 4 months now. Levo makes me depressed and doesn't really help me with energy that much. So, I'm switching to Armour Thyroid. Is anyone else here on Armour? Do you notice differences in your hair and the way you feel after you've taken it? (I know armour is old fashioned, but its natural)
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    I have had thyroid issues for a long time. I had hashimoto's for years. I've since had my thyroid taken out though. I've never taken armour, but have always taken synthroid. I took Levo for a while and found my energy would vary a lot, depression would be a problem, and hair was terrible. Since switching to synthroid , most of those problems have gotten much better. My advice to you is to remember to give any new med a few months to kick in, and talk to your doctor if you still have problems.
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    I had to have my thyroid removed surgically. My dr. said levo varies a lot and he insists I take synthroid even though it's more expensive.

    He doesn't make any money off of it and I trust him.

    If your insurance would cover it, perhaps ask your dr. about synthroid vs. levo. Usually, I opt for generic everything, but in this case I go with the synthroid.

    Good luck with this!!!
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    I have been taking armour for about a year and think it helped with my hair loss a bit as well as low energy and what was the first thyroid medication I ever took. I did switch for awile to nature-throyd for several months and did not like the way I felt on it so I switched back.
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    I have been on synthroid, levothyroxin, a natural version of these and armour. I had lots of hair falling out on synthroid and levo---I actually felt like i was on speed on both of them--could not sleep, grinding teeth, tense all the time and on finally changed me to armour (which i've been on for quite some time). I still have the side effects just much milder and i hate to say but i still have hair loss :( I am looking at a few ideas on here: a product called stinky stuff, sunny isle extra dark jamaican castor oil and monistat are just a few of the items i'm looking at right now. I'm hoping someone can recommend some vitamins etc.....

    good luck on the armour ;)
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    What you are talking about is a huge reason I went cg. My thyroid issue actually ended up as cancer. After my thyroid was removed, the doc took me off all meds for about 7 weeks so I could take radioactive iodine. After that, I went back on the synthroid at a much higher dose. The goal is to keep my slightly hyperthyroid all the time. My hair hasn't been the same since. It is so dry and was thinning. So I started the cg method, and the hair breaking and falling out abruptly stopped. I seem to have to break some of the norms to keep my hair happy. I have to use gobs of co wash condish, and I have short hair. Stuff like that. I don't know. Play with your routine. I need more moisture than I should and lots of protein.
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    My doctor prefers Armour because it's a complete thyroid medication since it contains T3 and T4. A lot of drs don't like Armour because they don't really understand it and anything natural doesn't seem medicinal enough. Synthroid, contains T4, is the popular thyroid med so that's what they typically prescribe.
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    I take Armour. Prior to that I took Synthroid and lost tons of hair. I then took Synthroid plus Cytomel and this didn't help. Finally found a doc who would prescribe Armour. I have been on it for three years (almost four) and I don't lose hair anymore.

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