Could use some haircolor advice :)

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Back in February I went from dark red hair to platinum blonde. This was extremely damaging to my hair and made it break off at the crown. Everytime I bleach my hair it also takes away all of my curls! In March I colored my hair black and had to get it cut to blend with my crown. Now my hair is about maybe 2 inches on top and even shorter in the back and on the sides. Now, I have very little damaged hair left and where my new growth is coming in is sprinkled with a lot of grey... and I'm only 22! I wanna color it to maybe a red color but my natural hair color is very nearly black and I'm afraid it won't lift and I WILL NOT bleach it again. So, I was wondering if any of you curly girls have tried a high lift color and if it affected your curls in any way? Or any ideas on coloring my hair? I'm gonna treat my curls good now but I just don't like my hair color lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Try Henna.

    It is super strengthening for me, but for people who have protein sensitive hair, it may be a bit drying. The shine is incredible, and my hair is longer than it's ever been.. I've been thrilled with my healthy looking hair since I started henna.

    It does NOT lift your natural colour at all, but the lifting action is what wrecks your hair. It covers my grey just beautifully.. a brilliant copper red is the result on the greys.. on dark hair it will impart a copper glow. I really don't know if this is enough for you, but sometimes you just gotta stop thinking you can have something you can't. I know some people with super curly hair can actually bleach, get great results and it looks great. I can tell you though, that these people are EXTREMELY few and far between. And the amount of care they need to do and money they need to spend to keep their hair looking healthy is astronomical. Is it even worth trying when you already know your hair gets fried really easily? Seriously, why not get used to what you've got and learn to be happy with it. If you really need a change, why not get feather extensions or wear a fashion wig when you go out on the town.. so much fun!

    Good luck..

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