Curl/Hair Refreshing Spritz

curlysouixcurlysouix Registered Users Posts: 8
I came up with a few days ago.

Using an 8 oz spray bottle, I added
2/3 distilled water,
1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel,
1 Tablespoon Rose Water
5 drops Rose essential oil.

It smells great, and is great mid day for giving my curls a boost!!!


  • Curly_LynCurly_Lyn Registered Users Posts: 116
    I might have to try this. Thanks! :)

    One question though- do you just use it once, or do you have to reapply throughout the day?
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  • curlysouixcurlysouix Registered Users Posts: 8
    I use it as a refresher. So...if I am just in from being out in the garden and my hair is starting to go wild; or after getting out of the kitchen after depends on the day. I even put a little in a purse size spray bottle to keep in the car.


    I really like how it smells!

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