Conditioners Are Not Designed To Detangle Severely Tangled Matted Hair

Hi everyone we receive an endless number of service calls to detangle hair from women and hairdressers alike who have made knots or clumps of tangled matted hair worse, tighter, harder and stickier from using an assortment of conditioners.

We know that conditioners are great Moisturizers, Re-constructors, Thermal Protectors, and Glossers, but
knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair have become leading causes of hair loss and damage in women and children.

A buildup of conditioner may cause the hair to look dull and coarse. The overuse of conditioners can convert hair into a dull mess and may even cause dry scalp or dandruff.

Detanglers are designed to close the cuticle of the hair which causes tangles. Most detanglers "shield" the hair shaft with polymers (polymers are strings of "like" molecules- a chain). Some detanglers such as the Take Down Remover Cream are instant; while some take 1-5 minutes to work.