How to convince my mom to let me cut a few inches off?

MixedGoldiLocksMixedGoldiLocks Registered Users Posts: 63
I love my curly hair , but it's hard to do styles with my limp and straight ends! I need to really convince her... I really want my curly hair!! :) any suggestions?


  • liyahjayliyahjay Registered Users Posts: 15
    She may be scared that your hair is going to take a long time to grow back, which is understandable. That's the reason why a lot of women choose not to cut it. Instead of cutting it, maybe you should consider getting braids or twists. Senegalese twists or box braids are cute, low maintenance, and it can help the growth of your virgin hair. Hope this helps
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    I have to agree with liyah. I'd just let Mom's desire take precedence. I'm currently wearing box braids and I love creating new styles for them. Another style I'm loving is getting my hair cornrowed into a ponytail and wearing one of those synthetic ponytails from the wig store. Try to understand where your mom is coming from and wait for your curls to grow out to her liking.

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