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I am a newbie with knowing what to buy. I need new products for my hair that are pretty affordable, yet do wonders for my hair.

I am a type 2c. I think I'm low porosity, I did the float test, and it floated. I have a hard time keeping my hair moisturized, but I also have oily roots. I'm looking for products that won't kill my hair. I'm also trying out the second day hair thing, and so far the products I am using are not helping with keeping it moisturized on the second day which is leading to mega breakage/falling out. Please help. I am so lost and tired of spending money on wrong products or products that don't work.


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    The float test is notoriously unreliable. Better indicators are drying time and running your fingers from end to root. Low porosity hair takes a LONG time to dry. If you run your fingers from tip to root, hair should be smooth and possible "squeak." If there are bumps, etc., your hair is porous. Here's a link to help you Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

    It's good to know your texture, too. Fine and/or porous hair usually like protein. My fine hair never met a protein it didn't like.

    My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique companies. I use minute amounts of really rich products and have not problem keeping my hair moisturized. (at the salon the shampoo guy won't use conditioner because it's in such good shape.) I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein.

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    If I keep my hair wrapped in a towel for about 5 minutes it dries really fast and the ends are extremely dry. It also feels like straw when I run my fingers down it. When i style it, it takes a good bit for it to dry. I have fine hair as well.
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    If your hair dries that fast you are probably high porosity
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    guthak01 wrote: »
    If your hair dries that fast you are probably high porosity

    Even when it's not in a towel, it takes what seems like forever?

    I did the texture test, I have normal texture. Not fine like I thought.
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    You need to know how your hair reacts to protein to find products that work. My fine low p has to have protein but is very snobbish about it. Only likes certain ones in rinse put conditioners. And I can only get away with an actual protein treatment if my hair has turned to mush from overconditioning.
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    This is what I was using Shampoo
    My hair wasn't as dry, but I was still having a little issues with it.
    Then I switched to this, along with the conditioner and have been using it for a few days. I like it, because it enhances my curls on the first day, however,on the second day my hair is very dry and brittle. Im not using the detangler anymore because it dries my hair out. I've substituted it with the leave-in conditioner that I watered down because there again, if I put it in my hair when it's already dried, it makes my hair feel like straw. I am also using the gel, which does a good job, and I stopped using the nourishing treatment to see if that has anything to do with it.

    The only reason why I even started using this brand is because it was sulfate free and silicone free and all that stuff. I really don't know what products to use on my hair or how to tell if my hair needs protein or more moisture. A while back my hair stylist told me to get Tresemme Moisture Rich, but I really want to stay away from the sulfates and harmful chemicals. The EO line has really improved my hair by a long shot. It's mended my split ends, however, I know I'm not using the right products because my hair is still drying out, even though I guess it looks healthy. I think it being brittle and dry like straw is also one of the reasons why my hair keeps falling out so easily.

    Adding to:
    I was reading about protein sensitive hair. It does seem like this brand may not be for me because I am taking a guess and saying that my hair is protein sensitive. Which would explain why I have oily scalp and dry ends?
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    I think I might use the L'Oreal EverCreme Moisture system stuff and see how that works. It says it's sulfate-free and protein-free. And I am going to try to Tresemme Hydration Lotion Creme. I am open for suggestions though. =)

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