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Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Registered Users Posts: 94
Iam a crazy reader iam 13 and I have been writing chapter books since I was about 8 but have never gotten them published:( I live in Ontario and I was wondering if any of you know of any places I could get them published? Thx:)


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    I don't know where you can get them published, but I just wanted to say WOW! How incredible!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Bookstores usually have an area for "local" writers and they also sponsor programs that help you get published in their stores.

    Thats a good starting place. You can also sign up for a free website that gives you a ton of free services such as http://CompleteMore.com

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  • Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Registered Users Posts: 94
    Wow thank everyone:) none of my friends are really supportive of my writing skills an just say Ian not gonna get any where in life with a career like that they just think it's a waste of time and don't understand
    How any one could enjoy writing so THANK YOU!:D
  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Registered Users Posts: 27
    Thts ah - mazing. I could never do tht. You have talent. Don't take it for granted. Sorry :-/ don't know where u could get them published

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  • Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Registered Users Posts: 94
    Oh no problem and thank you:) I love when ppl reply to my topics:)
  • Kurlygirly0204Kurlygirly0204 Registered Users Posts: 50
    I have a HUGE recommendation for you. Try Wattpad.com and Quotev.com

    they are websites for sharing your stories, and they are 100% protected from plagiarism copyright from both sites. It's a good way to get discovered and to get opinions on your writing.

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