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Help I need advice from some parents please help me!!!!!

Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Posts: 94Registered Users
Iam 13 and I just for my period and it's really embarrassing to talk to my parents face to face so I though t some other parents could help me please it would really help me and thanks so much


  • ElizabethFaithElizabethFaith Posts: 429Registered Users
    Hi! I'm guessing that you said you just got your period? I'm not a parent, but I am 16. I went through this years ago. It was kind of a shock, though, so I just had to tell my mom. I didn't tell my dad, but he eventually found out. Have you thought of having a mother-daughter meeting?
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  • jsuzkelleyjsuzkelley Posts: 610Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My stepdaughter went through this about a year ago. It was a little embarrassing for her too, but she felt better after we talked. I agree a mother-daughter meeting is a good idea. Remember, your mom went through this too, and she understands what you're going through and can be a good source of information and support. I don't think its necessary to tell both parents if you're not comfortable - just your mom is fine, and probably more helpful anyway. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but worth it. Your mom probably already suspects anyway, so don't worry about shocking her :)
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  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Hey, I am also not a parent either. I am 13, and I got my first period about 3 months. And I told my mom. She helped me. And they DO suspect it. The only thing bad about it was tht she told my dad. Which was kinda embarrasing. She said she wouldn't have if I would have said I didn't want her to. So play it safe, and just tell her from the beginning not to tell anyone else.

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  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Btw, when I said 3 months, I meant three months ago

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  • Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Posts: 94Registered Users
    Thank you hollagurl111 it's nice to have someone that can relate to me:) and doesn't it suck:( I can't stand it!!!
  • hollagurl111hollagurl111 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Yah. It does. But if u need any other advice just ask me :)

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  • Athenacurly:)Athenacurly:) Posts: 94Registered Users
    Thank you hollagurl111:D

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