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I'm wondering if any of you have experience with amino-fusion systems? They seem a bit less harsh and less problematic than Brazilian blowouts.

I've been using the Deva Curl system for several months, but summer is almost upon us here in Washington, D.C., and it seems that Deva is no match for the humidity here. I'm tired of my hair looking awful four months out of the year, so I'm considering my options.

I'm a bit freaked out by keratin treatments, but these amino systems claim to be a bit more gentle, although that could be total rubbish. I'd also like to get bangs, a style that isn't at all possible with my current texture. I don't want to pay 300+ for this luxury however, but I see an upcoming Bloomspot deal for this, so I though I'd do my research now. Any feedback you could provide regarding experiences with this would be appreciated!

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