Sleeping with Curly Hair

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Day 1 with my curls always looks wonderful but I always have problems with maintaining them through the night into the morning. I sleep with a satin scarf but my curls always come out flat in the morning. This makes me want to rewash my hair in the morning but I know it's not good to wash your hair every day. Any suggestions?


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    You don't have to rewash it, you can just re wet it in the shower. That's what I do. I don't have the patience to bother with 2nd day hair.
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    You can also use a light leave in conditioning spray to refresh your curls with. I like the Creme of nature argan oil one
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    at night usually i braid my hair and then in the morning i unbraid (ofcourse lol) and then add conditioner and alittle water in my hands and run it throught my hair to refresh it

    also the braiding stretches my hair alittle too ;)
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    I sleep with a few braids depending on if I want to wear it to one side or in the middle and in the morning refresh with a little leave in and/or gel. It works wonders. What I've found is that if I'm patient, it gets better in about 30 minutes to an hour and then I'm so happy I didn't re- wash it. With a little practice you will learn what you need each morning, a little extra water spritz, or conditioner or gel or a mix of the three. Actually you can get 4-6 day hair doing this...well I have.
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    If you on Youtube, you can look up tutorials on night time routines and the pineapple method.
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    what i normally do is put it up in a high loose bun, but i dont really like it, cause in the morning my curls are a mess, so i wanna try tieing it up in a satin scarf.

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    I wet my hair in the shower by running my wet hands through it. Then i put some oil(s) on it. I use OKAY Argan oil & Tee Tree Jojoba Oil along with Royal Roots Leave in Conditioner. Next i will seal it with Shea Butter. Then i will do about 5 cornrows. Sometimes i will let it dry a little before wrapping it or i'll put a plastic conditioning cap on it under my wrap to have it extra conditioned. The next morning i take them out, style it & rock it. I do this each night. I'M trying to figure out how to do that next day curls without cornrowing it or twists. Thinking about trying a natural hair curl cream.

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