Coloring Hair while transitioning from Heat damage ?

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I've been transitioning for 4 months now , and my hair is doing pretty while , I can see no growth so I'm so excited!!! BUT having a wavy/straight texture that I'm not use to is REALLY hard and all the styles I'm explore with are getting pretty boring and annoying. So I've been thinking about Dying my hair to spice things up?

what do you guys think?

feed back would be nice(:


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    Coloring will definitely spice things up, but not necessarily in the way you're talking about girl. Coloring strips your hair of its natural oils, therefore it will get very, very dry if not properly moisturized. And since we have new curly growth, which tends to be drier than our straight relaxed hair, moisturizing consistently will be of the essence! My new growth just drinks up product, while sometimes product just sits on my relaxed hair, lol. There's nothin wrong with wanting to color, but you just have to keep up with it :).

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    Thanks :glasses8:
    If i do dye it , moisture will be my new bff lol
    I think my hair should be fine because I've never relaxed my hair, it's just really heat damaged which sucks :-(

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