Scalp burned, curls gone forever?

I hope someone here has some insight. I bleached my hair about 5 yrs ago and it burned my scalp. Not super bad, but there was definite irritation, especially right on top of my head where it was applied first and stayed the longest. Ever since the hair that grows out of that area is almost completely straight and the rest of my hair has definitely lost a lot of the curl it used to have, now only wavy at best. Is there anything I can do to bring it back? I've resorted to perms since then to even the texture out, but I hate it and would do anything to get my old hair back.
Thanks for any advice anyone might have....


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    I have 2 questions for you:

    1.Did anything else happen at this time that could have affected your hair growth? Pregnancy, menopause, illness can all affect our curl, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

    2.Is there scarring on the scalp? If there is scarring, it could change the growth and therefore the curl pattern. If there is scarring, you might see a dermatologist to see what treatments might be available.

    Other than those things, I would suggest treating your scalp as well as your hair to improve the health of both and hopefully restore your hair to its previous texture.
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