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Help with frizz, curl type, "professionality," and products (new to CG)!

Hello everyone!

I'm sort of new to this whole thing, so I am not totally sure what my curl type is and which products I should be using to control my curl and frizz (as you can see in the photos, there always seems to be a little halo of frizz around all my curls).

I started using the CG method a few months ago, but haven't been completely consistent. I use Suave Naturals conditioner to CO-wash, TIGI Bead Head Moisture Maniac as a regular conditioner, Redken Fresh Curls Leave-In Conditioner, and then Redken Align 12 to smooth the frizz (which doesn't help too much but it smells so good!).

To keep my curls from looking like big "poofs," I then have to add some sort of gel (haven't found a good one yet) but when I use enough gel to make my hair not frizzy, then the curls get weighed down. Then, they STILL end up getting frizzy!

My hairdresser recommended mousse ("It's a 10" brand) but I hate it because it seems to make my hair even more frizzy now.

I also use Curls Like Us towels after showering and after applying products (to scrunch). After that, I don't touch my hair unless to apply more product.

I like the way that my hair is cut (long layers to make the curls more bouncy) but I feel like my hair just doesn't look professional (probably because of all the frizz and for some reason my hair always looks wild/crazy at work compared to the straight-haired women). The couple of times in the past when I tried straightening it, it is so "light and fluffy" that it never actually looks straight unless I load it down with oils and hairspray (yuck!) and even then, you can tell I don't have naturally straight hair.

So, I always wear my hair air-dried and curly, but I just don't know how to make it look more professional. I always wear it down (just like it is in the attached pictures) but I am so sick of it and I don't know any other ways to wear it, without feeling self-conscious (I feel like my face looks too chubby when I wear it up or back but I could get used to it).

I work at a public school, so it's not like my hair has to look perfect each day, but I just want to look a little more pulled together!

I feel like if my curls could look smoother (they've never looked shiny, they're soft but definitely not silky) then that would help, but I don't know how to get them looking good or which products would help with that!

Any help, advice, or product recommendations is well-appreciated! Thank you so much!! :flower:


  • wavymomwavymom Posts: 292Registered Users
    First off - your hair looks great!! I would consider you completely professional with hair like that. :) I do get what you're saying though - seems like curly hair is more unkempt than straight, and thus more unprofessional. This is why I straightened my hair at recent high-profile interviews I had, I am somewhat ashamed to admit. But I knew my straight (albeit not perfectly straight) hair was more predictable than my curly hair. Now I have the dilemma of what do I do on my first day at the job this summer? haha.

    So (1): products. I am not a product junkie by nature, but my bathroom has been slowly filling up with them! Why? Because I have realized it really helps my hair to rotate among products, and because there may always be something out there that your hair responds to better, and you don't know until you try. So... you don't have to try everything, but I would recommend trying a few things in each category (low-poo, conditioners, curl enhancers, gels).

    (2) gel. The best gel in my opinion? Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee. The best hold of any I've found, and you don't have to use a lot. And it's not as sticky as some of the cheaper ones.

    (3) protein. If you have fine / medium hair, you may want to give protein treatments a shot. A great one is IAgirl's recipe, link below. I think I am becoming a salesperson for this recipe, haha! But I love it! I do it every 1-2 weeks. If your hair likes protein, it will help it hold onto its curl.

    (4) coconut oil. Ok, so I'm brand new at this one. I just did my first coconut oil treatment last night (just smeared some all through my dry hair at the end of the day, and then washed it out 2 hours later before going to bed). I am sold!! I would not describe my hair as shiny, but today it is shiny!! And zero frizz!! I think it might be worth a try if you'd like.

    (5) styles. I like the style of half-pulled-up with a barrette on people with your curl pattern (which is very similar to mine). So, you could dry your hair down like that, and then clip the top half back in a barrette. Or, another thing I do often is pull up some strands on the side of my face (either one or both sides) and clip them back with a small barrette or bobby pin.

    Hope that helps. Overall though, I think your hair looks great as is!
  • Karen.GhilarKaren.Ghilar Posts: 1Registered Users
    Your hair is super pretty! I am a teacher too and I like to think that by embracing my curly hair (even on the frizzy and/or wild, out of control hair days) that it shows the kids that its wonderful to be exactly who you are! I am also new to the CG method and have hairs that looks very similar to yours. Ive been using it about 3 months now. It has made a MAJOR difference. My hair is less frizzy, softer, and has more defined curls! I am actually starting to like my hair now...most days.

    Cleansing: I use Devacare (since I color my hair) No Poo and One condition. My hair tends to go straight at the roots so I use conditioner starting from the tops of my ears down. I also tend to get lots of frizz on the canopy. I havent quite figured out how to balance fighting frizz and while not weighing down my roots...

    Styling: I use a Devacurl styling cream first and apply it like icing on a cupcake. Then I use a palmful of DevaCurl ultra defining gel and scrunch it into my hair until it makes the squishing sound.

    Then I plop for like 15 minutes

    Then apply about a quarter sized amount of gel to the canopy of my hair.

    Then let it air dry. I am using jaw clips for root lift and that seems to be working but I need to do it every morning.

    I have only ever used Devacurl products and I like the way they work on my hair.

    Good luck in your curl journey!
  • Therese1Therese1 Posts: 1,800Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I'm not familiar with all the products you mentioned, but it looks like the Align 12 has dimethicone in it (at least according to the Naturally Curly site). That is a silicone and will build up on the hair. Have you used a sulfate shampoo to get rid of the buildup from that product?
    Low poo: Intelligent Nutrients (IN) Harmonic; Oribe Cleansing Creme
    RO: IN Harmonic
    LI: As I Am; CJ Beauticurls; Jessicurl (JC) Gelebration Spray
    Stylers: JC Confident Coils; IN Volumizing Spray; IN Perfect Hold Hairspray; John Masters Sea Mist; Bumble Bb. Gel
    Normal- to low-porosity 2a/b baby-fine hair

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