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I've got super dark brown hair with some natural highlights that lightens up in the sun. I've been dyeing it pretty consistently since I was 14 or 15 (6 or 7 years) and have a fascination with getting it as red as possible. We'll blame my Irish roots.

What I'm looking for is a really vibrant red. It can have a little bit of a lightener in it (and probably needs to, since my hair is so naturally dark), but it needs to not absolutely destroy my hair. I used the lightest shade of Garnier Ultra Reds last time I colored and it doesn't seem any lighter than my natural color. Thanks for suggestions :)
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    Since your hair is quite dark, and you want a vivid red, you're going to have to go to a high-lift color. For a high-lift color, one has to use a stronger developer. Most drugstore permanent colors, save for the newer Revlon Luminista colors use just 20-volume peroxide(just lifting a couple of levels at most), while for higher-lift one needs at least 30-volume, or even 40-volume peroxide. They do have this at Sally Beauty Supply. Check in with a knowledgeable clerk there. Some are better than others I've found as far as what advice they give.
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    I want to color my hair without damaging it but i do not know which company's color should i use. This is the first time i will be coloring my hair so i don't want to take any risk.

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    @nicholasjohnson - you might want to try a semi/demi-permanent color first, like Clairol Natural Instincts. This doesn't lighten hair and lasts for 28 washings. No root line either. Great for blending in(but not covering)grey, or adding another tone to your hair. It doesn't look like you have curly hair in your photo. Are you looking for a red shade too? Spiced Tea(light auburn) and Cinnaberry(medium auburn) are the Natural Instincts reds. The lighter one is more coppery, and the medium one is cooler in tone. Hope this helps!
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    Whatever shade you decide on, it will fade fast. I personally buy mine at sally's clairol professional color 5RR with 20 volume developer. Your hair is so dark that you might want 6RR. Regardless of the color you decide on, I would suggest you invest in Aveda's madder root color conditioner. It is bright red and it makes my hair redder and redder each time I use it! I use it before my usual conditioner and I apply I very generous amount and comb through (use gloves- it stains). Leave on at least 5 minutes or longer if you can. Rinse and condition with usual conditioner.
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    Someone suggested using a semi-demi first.. this is NOT a good idea if you are quite sure you will want to lighten your hair in the future.

    The reason is not that I want to be argumentative, but that the artificial pigments in semi and demi permanent colour are not going to wash out of your hair completely. Then when you attempt to lighten with a less damaging permanent colour (which is what you need in the first place), the artificial pigments that are left behind WILL NOT LIGHTEN. Your new growth will lighten, but that hair that had the semi/demi on it will stay dark.

    Permanent colour does not lighten artificial pigments. It only works on the natural pigments in your hair.

    Using a permanent colour makes the most sense.. as mentioned you will need a 30 to 40 volume developer. There will definitely be damage, but if you use good products you can reduce it. Damage has a lot to do with your hair's natural structure. Some hair types are very strong, and others very weak. I hope you get the results you want.

    Good luck!

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