Sinus surgery for drainage?

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]Way back when, I got a CAT scan of my sinuses, and they determined that I had some "structural abnormalities". Mainly, I had a bony spur and a deviated septum which seemed to block off drainage on one side of my nose. One side of my face seemed to accumulate fluid and swell all of the time, BUT doctors didn't seem to care. Fast forward years later, and I have a wicked, sunken dark circle on the blocked off side, and my face sags a lot more than on the other. In dim lighting, it is monstrous.

Wouldn't it seem like I should have gotten surgery to fix the blockage and prevent this unnecessary grossness? The doctor said that it was hard to determine if my sinuses would drain better if I had the septum fixed and the spur dealt with because "there are so many factors involved". I don't know. Sounds like they could make money on a CAT and not on a surgical procedure. But, I don't know crud and ENT's are hard to come by around here.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? I'd hate to see what happens to my face in another 10 years.


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    I had a deviated septum diagnosed by CT scan probably about 6 years ago, maybe 7. It took several years and 3 different ENTs before I had surgery done, and that was with me working in a hospital and understanding how the system works. It's not about the money, because the surgery does pay more, but depending on your insurance, it can take a lot to get authorization from an insurance company. I can't tell you how many rounds of steroid sprays I did so that the Dr's office had sufficient documentation that conservative measures didn't relieve my symptoms. It didn't matter that my septum was practically touching my right nasal bone.

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    I've had my septum repaired twice and both times work was done on my sinuses also. The first time, my nasal passage was almost completely blocked off like yours. It made a tremendous difference. The monthly sinus infections almost disappeared. After about 10 years I started to have a lot of problems again. I had moved to another state, so I worked with a new ENT and had surgery again. It hasn't helped as much this time, but I'm working with another ENT now because I became leery of the previous one for various reasons. I'm having infections in both my sinuses and ears pretty frequently and have had a tube put in one ear. I'm probably looking at more surgery at some point and will not hesitate because I feel much more confident in this ENT. I would definitely see if your general practitioner or a friend can recommend an ENT you feel comfortable with and look into what he/she can do for you. It sounds as if you are long overdue for some relief.

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    I had surgery for a deviated septum a few years ago. It changed my life because it improved my sleep quality, ability to exercise and allergies; and it virtually eliminated my regular sinus infections. I don't remember it being a problem with my insurance. Granted, my septum was completely blocked on both sides so it was a no-brainer. IIRC, I had my surgery within 3 weeks of finally getting my DS diagnosed.

    That said, it did take a while to get my diagnosis. I had to ask my regular doctor to refer me to an ENT after trying a million other things to manage all the side effects of the deviated septum. I basically diagnosed myself.
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