Flat iron/straightner reccomendations!!

carmelwavescarmelwaves Registered Users Posts: 68
OK it's time for a new straightner/flat iron!!

I'm looking for one that;
*straightens hair easily
*Has lasting hold (AKA hair stays straight for more than 10 minutes)
*Works well
*Will cooperate with my hair type/style (see properties below)

What do you girls recommend? What would you say is the all around best hair straightner? I know a lot of you do't really straighten your hair much (which I totally understand) But I do flat iron my side bangs a lot. I need reccommendations! Thanks sooo much!
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  • oh.hi.its.stephoh.hi.its.steph Registered Users Posts: 640
    Well, I haven't straightened my hair in over a year now so I'm not the most up-to-date person, BUT I've had a Chi for about five years now and I love it so much. My first one died after someone set it on its wire and it like... burned through it (thanks, friends), but it had been going strong for about two and a half years up til that point. My newest one is also awesome; I just checked, and even though it's been sitting in my closet doing nothing for over a year it still works as well as it did when I first got it about two years ago. A Chi is definitely the best flat iron, in my opinion. But they are a bit pricey!
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  • carmelwavescarmelwaves Registered Users Posts: 68
    ok, I think I'm going to try to find a good deal on a chi!!
    ~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!
  • wavymomwavymom Registered Users Posts: 292
    I got the Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener Iron about 2 or 3 years ago. It was expensive but I found a pretty good deal online after much searching over several weeks. I absolutely loved it! I never felt that it overly fried my hair (you know, relatively speaking). Of course, now it just sits under my sink the vast majority of the time *sniff sniff*.
  • mnktafrznamnktafrzna Registered Users Posts: 14
    The Chi is decent, but you should really look into the Jose Eber turbo iron and the cloud nine one. I've read great reviews on those two :) I have the chi but i want to get the jose eber one i just need the cash haha. OR! the GHD one.
  • curlywhocurlywho Registered Users Posts: 119
    I would be wary about getting a chi. Mine doesn't work super well. Especially not considering the price. (older Chis are nice. Newer ones are shoddy.)
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    I use the Le Angelique ceramic flat iron and love it. It has full ceramic plates rather than ceramic plated plates, so you don't have to worry about the ceramic pealing off and the heat will distribute more evenly. I had a ceramic coated straightener and it seemed to pull my hair more than the full ceramic plate, maybe it was a quality in the ceramic as well.

    The edges are rounded so you can easily add flips, waves, or even barrel curls (and our textured hair will hold the curl better than straight hair). The heat setting ranges from like 200 to 450 degrees so it's easy to adjust to your hair type. It also heats up in under a minute. It's expensive, but I absolutely love it. It also has a lifetime guarantee so if something happens or you need a new one later you can replace it.

    I know straighteners in general have improved a lot in the last few years. I've been using the Le Angelique for like 4 years though so I don't know how good cheaper ones are.
  • SaraNoHSaraNoH Registered Users Posts: 827
    also, check Ebay for flat irons. Often you find them (new or used) for much less.
    For instance, right now there's a used Chi for $10 (I just checked). Eh, it's only 10 bucks, so even if it doesn't work out that's not too bad.
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