Removing Keratin Treatment from hair

I know that people have posted about this before but I wanted to see if there were any updates...

I had my last treatment 4 months ago and then decided that I no longer wanted to do this. I just want my own hair. The hair is really starting to blend in, but...

I have about three inches of nearly straight hair (I am a 3B) that is right below my new growth. After that, there are several inches of hair that's been treated but has reverted back. It's really odd because there's a random straight patch in the middle of curls...and there's only so much I'm willing to cut off at once.

What strategies have you used to:
a) remove the treatment from your hair?
b) blend the textures better?
c) encourage curl in the overly treated portions?



  • AisAis Posts: 1Registered Users
    So I finally found an answer to removing the Keratin from my hair after 2 months of battling with it. I dyed my hair brown a few weeks ago but it turned out more black than brown and was way to dark for me. I went to our local Priceline pharmacy and I bought Jo Baz hair colour remover (the extra strength one) it completely removed the keratin from my hair and I mean completely. I bought organix bio ten and collagen shampoo and conditioner a few days later and haven't looked back. My curls are nearly back to normal after 2 weeks of washing second daily! Happy!!!!!! :-)
  • danielle21danielle21 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I am also trying to remove a smoothing treatment that I had applied a month ago. I have the CHI Enviro Smoothing treatment. I really liked it at first because I had a looser curl pattern. My original curl pattern is mostly 4a with a variation of coarse tight curls. My hair is now mostly anywhere between 2c-4a as it appears to be reverting more in my right side than the looser left side. I wonder if the Organix Collagen and Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner work well to remove the smoothing treatment on their own. I saw a video on YouTube of a lady using these products to remove her keratin treatment. Did they work for you? (to the lady in the previous post) My hair was very raggedy and appeared fried on the ends on my right side and also a little on the left. I don't want anymore smoothing treatments...will just try to deal with my natural hair. I wanted the treatment to make my hair more manageable with less styling time. I hope that I don't have to chop again because I'be been natural for over 2 years and have hair a little below my shoulders if straightened :-( Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope that one day a product can be created to help loosen curls (for those who want looser curls) without total chemical commitment or great risk for hair damage.
  • danielle21danielle21 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I think that I have found a solution for removing keratin/smoothing treatments like the CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment that I have. Earlier today I purchased Ion's Crystal Clarifying Treatment from Sally's for around $2.50 and tried it on my hair. I did a test patch and it appeared to work. I used warm to hot water on the test patch and additonal sections of my hair and it appeared to work even better. I combed the treatment through with a wide-tooth comb and put on a plastic cap while using my blow dryer on hot to add heat. I think that heat helps the treatment to work well, the packet mentions using heat for greater effectiveness. I washed the treatment out and deep conditioned my hair and styled it. The left side that hung more than the right shrunk moderately (to about a 3c curl), and the right side looks like it has returned to my natural 4a/4b curl pattern. This is a possible solution to removing keratin/smoothing treatments like CHI Enviro. It worked really well for me and my hair feels and looks much better :-) I am very thankful and happy.