dimethicone and kids

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im a curly gone CG and id like to start my 3 year old curly on the right path by not frying his hair while young, and on a budget. i use a cheaper no sls,als, paraben or petrochemical cleanser conditioning shampoo and body wash combo. 3 birds, one stone. sounds great, but it conditions by adding the cone, i only actually use this on his head once a week, his hair is beautiful, so i should be fine right? no build up as we dont wash his locks often.. but eventually would i see his hair become grimy-er? there are others i could switch two for double the price. Im into natural for health reasons but also for saving money. i dont boil flax seed every week because its fun, i do it because the flax is way cheaper then the expensive natural gels. get it?

what do we think ladys when it comes to our curly young and "cones"

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    As a rule of thumb, I do what works. When I went CG I realized I had to give up the cones because only harsh sulfates remove cones. Since I only co-wash and once in a while natural soap wash, I had to give up cones because they would not come out. So I'm off cones and so is my daughter.
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