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I run cross country and track every day after school. They only give us 5 minutes to change and do our hair, and It's really hard for me to do my hair in that little time because I'd have to brush it first (and we all know how hard that is with mousse) so I wear it up a lot. Any good hair ideas that would be cute while wearing it up?
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    I suppose you mean a real updo, as in, not half-up? And something secure enough for running around but which looks presentable?
    I have a few ideas I really like.

    Based on the flip-through ponytail: gather the ponytail into a bun, OR divide the ponytail into 3 or more parts, braid each part separately, then pull the tips of the braids up and into the flipped part of the ponytail. Pin into place for security. This is a style you can wear all day. With enough pins it's secure enough for running, but it looks fancy.
    Any kind of bun, really... Braided buns: English, Dutch, French, rope... I love braided buns.
    Or 4ypn0tica's youtube video on the flip bun which has a soft, dressy look to it...
    - Braided bun: rope braid, English, French, Dutch, whatever -- this looks great.
    - Flipped bun : 4ypn0tica has a good video on youtube about this one, about a minute long, quick and easy to do and looks different and nice.
    - Braided crown : I just learned how to do one... definitely one of my favorite styles ever!
    - French or Dutch braid your hair and tuck the remaining hair (if you have long hair) underneath.

    Or you could just pull it up into a normal ponytail/bun and add a cute barrette or accessory. Headbands work well!
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    I will try them all! You have great ideas!! I'm so impressed!!!:happy3:
    ~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!
  • DarkCurlyDarkCurly Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thank you!

    I guess just naturally teen girls are very fussy about their hair... Since I'm growing mine out I've had a lot of fun with these styles!

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