Is it possible to get a haircut that looks great curly and straight?

My last hairstylist's cuts looked great straight but not so fantastic curly. My new hairstylist's cuts looks great curly but not so terrific straight. Am I asking for the impossible to have a haircut that looks equally great curly and straight? Does anyone here have that type of haircut? If you do, how was it shaped? Long layers, etc.? By the way, I have fine, thin 2c/3a hair.


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    My hair is slightly layered, makes nice curls on a good day and looks splendid when straightened (... I never straighten it, but whatever). It was styled wet and straight, so I guess I was just lucky, but it looks fine.
    Anyway... How long is your hair? It could be useful to know.
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    It sounds like you have the best of both worlds with your hair. My hair is about shoulder length and has many layers.As far as curly styling goes, it even looks good on humid days, but straight, not good at all!
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    Why not good? Are the ends uneven, the layers choppy... what looks wrong according to you?
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    Bobs look good both straight and curly :)
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    I think the problem is there are too many layers especially in the midsection and it is almost a shag cut
    and it sticks out in different places when straight. My hair was longer in the past with less layers and had a look like you see in many magazines on celebrities (Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie) before my new haircut. But it really didn't look as good curly then and in bad weather it could look terrible. Maybe I should get a long bob cut...