How to jus B done with it (w/pics)

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This is the first time I made it past SL and it had to b while im im on this BC roller coaster..its far past the "roots" stage and its starting to jus looks like a birds nest..some parts is all natural some have about relaxed ends ranging 1-3 inches off the curls..those last inches is wats encouraging me I feel like if I cut it im gonna b all discourage by the length again and have to wait another year and some..

I feel so vain cuz some of yall said heck wit it n BC wen it was two inches!!
Regardless I kno the time has come this aint gonna work transitioning to BSL if I ever get there...seriously its breaking anyway and its ugly im losing progress sticking to lace wigs so at least I can look how I want til I learn to incorporate my hair into my "work look"..Im staying natural however im not a short hair person I have a "fish head" or pin head w/e

If I were to BC wat do I do jus chop the ends off evn tho they all dont have ends?? Do u think it would grow faster after BC?? Am I gonna have to change products? And if anyone could share their BC experience for a little encouragement PLEASE

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    Having been natural twice and going the transitioning and BC route I can understand. But transitioning to BSL sounds near impossible to me since the entire time your relaxed ends are going to break and split, like they're doing now. If parts of your hair are already free of relaxed ends I would say cut the rest of the relaxed ends off. You aren't BC'ing per say imo since you won't be cutting off the majority of your hair and your natural hair is already SL. All you would be doing is letting the rest of the relaxed ends go and trimming you natural hair.

    I would say be prepared for shrinkage however, since your SL hair will quite possibly end up a TWA and will continue to do so for another year or 2 depending on your hair growth. I have about APL hair 2 years after I BC'ed and it's barely neck length. BC'ing or transitioning won't make your hair grow "faster", but for some it's the best way to retain length since your natural hair isn't exposed but it's also a pain to deal with.

    As for the products, they may change depending on what your natural hair needs but you won't know until you let go of your relaxed ends.

    Yes, it's a scary thought especially if you're worried about having short hair and you're not sure about what others may think. But your hair is a sustainable length naturally and I'm sure it'll look really cute! Take a look at some pics or vids on youtube of BC'ed naturals or those who have transitioned and cut the same time you have, or stay here on NC and talk with folks who have been in the same position and willing to share pics. But always do what's best for YOU! :sunny:

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    If your hair is breaking then u have to decide what is more important to you the length or the health of your hair. For myself it has always been health. Before my transition I did two major cuts. One for heat damage from using curling irons every day. One from breakage from permanent dye. I wont say I was glad to cut but I will take short healthy over long scraggly any day. And splits will keep going up shaft causing more damage. As naturals say this journey is more a transition of the mind than the hair. I feel my perspective and self confidence level about my natural hair has changed for the better. Whatever you do good luck but if you do bc I would recommend getting your hair evened out. I did that initially but i have some hair loss that later grew in so now it is uneven. Since I never straighten no one can tell but i dont know if you ever plan to flat iron. Good luck.
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    Ive been thinking if cutting a little at a time would make any difference.. and yea I flat iron every few months to check length so it really would b uneven cuz the relaxed sections are up to four inches maybe..and I already have a slower growing crown..u can see that layer in the straight pic..and I'm thinking I may have to end up with some new really seems that the more my hair grows the less effective they are..and im dealing with postpartum hair so I really wonder if I should mess with it too much til its over

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