Which is the best

I have about 3c 4a hair and it's extremely dry and I can't straighten it by myself. I wanna try the keratin treatment but which the safest?


  • Natalie-curls4Natalie-curls4 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Helllloooo, anyone? My hair is really starting to annoy me :/
  • reenierayreenieray Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi have you had an advice on which is the best treatment? I also would say my hair type is a 3c and I really wanna try a treatment. From the research I've done I think I will be going for the Brazilian Blowout not the Keartin based treatment. It seems less harsh (Michelle co founder of this site has had it done) and like her I don't want to lose my curls just would like them to be more managable and have the option to straigthen as and when I desire it.
    Hope you get some replies soon - will be keeping my eye out

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