chaos.."newbie-ness"..and frustration

I am a newbie on naturally curly..but not a newbie to the world of natural hair..i transitioned from April 2011 to Jan. 2012...big chopped in january of course and i have been flabbergasted with my hair every since.

Hair type? it seems like its in the 3c/4a range...normal porosity...high density..and just an all over a headache...

i normally just do wash and goes..until i went on youtube and said HOW THE HECK CAN EVERYONE STYLE THEIR TWA'S AND LOOK FABULOUS AND gonna do it! :toothy10: ....

my hair has no weight to the twists-outs look like fros with sparse definition, frizz, and NO SECOND DAY HAIR WHAT SO EVER..even if i twist it at even more in a bind because i shaved the back of my head...while i have two dramatically different lengths on my head..which i dont mind..but the lack of defined hair doesnt make it better..


for TO's i first used SMCES...but it was too heavy for my i used the styling milk..and HOPE WAS BORN...but short lived

i used cassia once...i dont know about the deep moisturizing effects..curl hair felt the same...i will eventually try henna when i get over the negative..CURL LOOSENING *cough cough*

Do you have any pointers...guides...threads...links..products..that could help me out..i would really love to elongate my hair and be youtube fabulous in reality lol

P.S. i live in Miami..Humidity Central...Rainy/Hot Weather..:banghead:


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    Im curious about how often you clarify and how often you dc?
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    I hardly ever clarify unless i feel the need when i do..i use kinky curl come clean..and as for DC..never..which could play a factor..but then again my hair never feels dry or as if it lacks would it make a significant difference?? Trail and error i guess
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    For the past few days I was experiencing alot of dryness, I couldn't understand why. So I read some of the articles about too much protein. And since I BC I know my new growth isn't damaged oranything.
    Well, today I cowashed with Hello Hydration, and rinsed in warm water, then I applied Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner as a Leave in. My hair is not dry or dull. I liked the results even more.

    So, maybe less of product and more of just you??
    Hair type:
    4A/4B(coarse, very thick, dry, and curly)
    Big chop 3/27/12
    Hair styling products: Shea Moisture(yellow line shampoo n restorative conditioner)
    /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    Density: High
    porosity: :D Definitely LOW

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    Protein-full products makes
    my hair dull and lifeless..just frizzy..but they are needed none the less..but i need products or oils to shield the humidity away from my hair in Miami..
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    Some heads of hair don't need as much protein as others. The best way I know of to make that determination is examining your nails. If they naturally grow hard and long, your body probably efficiently processes protein and is getting a sufficient amount from your food. Hence you don't need protein-rich products too much. Too much protein will make the hair dull and you'll need to condition without protein for the next wash or two.

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