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April makes a year since I have decided to go natural. I got my hair braided and kept them in for about a month and a week. I took them out on Saturday and I am so upset because my hair is not the same. I tried to keep it moisturized with the braids but I guess it wasn't enough because my hair now seems extremely dry and the curls are different. After I took them out I used SM deep treatment mask. Co-washed on monday and today. I have a big frizzy dry ball of hair on my head! How can I fix it? I want my hair back. Any suggestions? Please help!

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    Give it more time. And keep on moisturizing. And DC.
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    Did you try clarifying? I have never had braids....but maybe after being in braids for so long and just constantly being moisturized, you may have buildup that cowashing didn't get out. Just a suggestion.

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    Oops....I left that part out. I shampooed before I used the SMDT.

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    What did you shampoo with because all shampoos are not clarifiers. I gave away my bottle of sm coconut hibiscus because it did not get my hair clean enough. Buildup is my number cause of dryness because I have fine hair. Second is too much protein.
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    I suggest using a different moisturizing DC.

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