For sale - Jessicurl, Ouidad, Re:coil

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Jessicurl Confident Coils and Rockin' Ringlets. Unopened. $20 for both.

Ouidad Tress Effect Styling Gel and Shine Glaze. Used once. Over 95% full. $15 for both.

AG Re:coil. Used 2x. 90% full. $10.00

Send me private message if interested.



  • yossarianyossarian Posts: 967Registered Users
    Do the prices include shipping? If so I'd ve interested in the Jessicurl RR and CC : )


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    Sent you a PM!:toothy10:
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    Well, I dont know how to PM (new here) but I'm interested in teh AG:Recoil and the Rockin Ringlets :)
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