Too expensive product recs on my curl genie..Any cheaper alternatives?

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I just got my Curl Genie profile and it said I have medium to coarse texture with normal porosity and normal elasticity.The products recs CJ daily fix,JSC cleansing cream,CJ assurance smoothing conditioner,KCCC,CJ curl rehab moisturizing DT.As I would love to try these products they are however to expensive for me, I can't afford to purchase these products and to try out and have them not working for my hair.Are there any cheaper alternatives to these products like drugstore or sally's price? Maybe my hair twins can give me a few tips on products and hair care routine that works for you..Maybe it might work for me as well:)


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    Hey Boobear. I'm not a perfect hair twin with my low porosity hair, but since no one else has piped up... If you're interested in the products recommended for you by the Curl Wizard, you can find Kathymack here on She provides samples of many popular products including Curl Junkie and Kinky Curly. If something doesn't work for you, you're out far less $ than you would be if you'd bought the full size product. Of course, if your hair loves something, you can then budget for it, knowing you aren't wasting your money on a "might work" product. If you have a local Target, I know they carry KCCC.

    I've stuck to drugstore products myself, so I can't speak to how a specific product stacks up against more boutique lines like Curl Junkie. You can try comparing ingredients lists if you want, but the boutique lines have far less chemicals than drugstore ones do. If you really just want to stick to drugstore /Sally's items, I've pulled some options off the top of my head that should play well with your coarse hair. I'm liking Garnier Fructis's Body Boost right now as a RO and LI. Their Pure Clean conditioner is also protein free, but isn't as moisturizing or slippy as Body Boost or other conditioners I've used. I'm sure you know about Suave Naturals, V05, and Tresemme Naturals already They're all protein free aside from Suave's Tropical Coconut and V05's Moisture Milks. The Shea Moisture line is fairly popular and available at Target and Walgreens. Their Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Souffle gel are both protein free, but I believe the rest of their line all has some sort of protein in it. Check the ingredients though. I don't have a local Target and just did a qwuick scan of the ingredients lists online. The Curls line of products is available at Sally's and Target, and at least some of their stuff is protein free, I think.

    Several like Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. It's in between typical drugstore brands, and online boutique products as far as price goes, around $11 for 11oz. It's also more likely to show up in a health food store, Whole Foods, or maybe a Trader Joes than it is to be seen in Walmart.

    Sally's has Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm, which many like as a rich RO or a dt. It's a knockoff of Matrix's Biolage Conditioning Balm. Also, As I Am Coconut Cleansing Conditioner and As I Am Leave In Conditioner are protein free options.

    If you can find it, Renpure is reasonable. Many are having problems finding their stuff locally, but it's $5.99 - $6.99 on Renpure's website, and they ship by weight. My Foxy Hair Needs Fixing (turquoise bottles), My Savvy Hair Needs Sleek (pink bottles), My Stylin' Hair Needs Strength (purple bottles), and their Argan Oil Luxurious lines are all protein free.

    My only other suggestion is to check out the siggies of people with similar hair properties. If they list the products they use, there's a decent chance they'll also work for your hair.
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    i have the normal porosity and normal elasticity and like the Herbal Essance Totally Twisted line available everywhere and the Ecostylers at Sallys. like $5 for a huge bottle and you really only need a little. I use Jessicurl for a DT, yes pricey but lasts a long time and since i only do it every 2 weeks works well. Will second the GVP at Sallys for PT.
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