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jayellejayelle Registered Users Posts: 15
Hi, so i'm 10 months post relaxer. I'm transitioning obviously lol and I've been trying protective styles but I find that they don't last more than a day. My first 8 months I wore weaves so styling my hair wasn't a problem but blending the two textures now has become kinda difficult. I've tried twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs, but I can't get them to last. I style my bantu knot outs dry and blown out because my curls won't match my relaxed ends once I take the knots out. Can anyone help me out?



  • hippiedollhippiedoll Registered Users Posts: 398
    I'm having the same problem. My braid/twist outs never last more than a day. Plus my ends were so dry at the end of the day. I think I'm going to continue my transition using roller sets/rods. And use heat occasionally. My roots need to stay somewhat stretched. I get horrible tangling and single strand knots
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      I am also 10 months in as well. I have been wearing my hair in braid outs and I put perm rods on the ends to give me relaxed hair more definition. I am able to wear my style all week but I usually have to wear my hair in a puff towards the end of the week. I haven't tried any protective styles yet. What have u tried?

    • MusicbutterflyMusicbutterfly Registered Users Posts: 51
      Have you considered putting in braid extensions or Senegalese twists in for 2 months? Check out styles on YouTube and tumblr for inspiration.

      My first 6 months I did twist outs and braidouts. 7-8 did Senegalese twists. 9-10 wigs and blown out for a while then got my first weave as a bridesmaid (hated it and took out after 5 days). Then got Senegalese twists again. 11-12 Did braid n curls then straightened my March 12th for my one year and kept it straight for while. If I got sick of the stick straight look (which I do) I'd do bantu-knots, tie in a bun which made my hair wave, perm rods sets and also flat twisted my hair (which I find easier to do on flat-ironed hair than blown out or natural textured :O). 13th month which I'm in has been braidouts, afro-puffs, buns (which I've stopped cos they hurt my edges). I'm on holiday from uni next week and for my 14th month to give me a break I'm gonna do senegalese twists again! It's all about patience and keeping a list of hairstyles to do for variety.

      Happy Transitioning lades :) xoxo
    • anonymous_112457anonymous_112457 Registered Users Posts: 4
      Hey!! Try a twistout, braid out, bantu knot out, you can get flexi rods, braids, sewn in tracks or wigs! I did a youtube video on a quick way to do a braid out!! WATCH it :)RE-UPLOAD How To Cornrow Rod Out Natural Hair! - YouTube

      RE-UPLOAD How To Cornrow Rod Out Natural Hair! - YouTube
    • jayellejayelle Registered Users Posts: 15
      Thanks for the tips everyone! Have any of you worn a wig, I thought about getting one after watching some videos from BorderHammer, she does a lot of wig reviews and she has natural hair. Do you think it would be a good protective style? I've never worn one before.

      Happy Transitioning!

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      Here are some articles about protective styles.

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      You are beautiful!
    • KristiLanetteKristiLanette Registered Users Posts: 33
      I'm kinda like you! I'm 8 months post, but I've been wearing weaves mostly. I took my weave out a month ago and started doing flexi rod sets after watching videos on YouTube. I'm still trying to perfect it! 0cacd14d-3051-e508.jpg0cacd14d-306a-4a15.jpg
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      I'm 7 months post-relaxer and I've just been doing roller sets. I just try and make sure that I am securing my roots down with bobby pins so that they dry straighter. I tried one braid out and my ends are just too straight. Most people probably have no idea that I'm transitioning...and that's fine with me. ;)

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      I do different styles like braid outs, twists, cornrows, flat twist, bunning... there is so many videos on YouTube that gives different ideas.

      Here are some of the styles I have been doing:
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      I have not used any heat on my hair so far.


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      My last relaxer was October 2006. While growing it out, I never wore my own hair. I did mostly tree braids or full head weave. When it had grown out to my satisfaction, I made the big chop. Then I just mixed it up however I felt like. Wigs (sometimes I'd make my own), tree braids, twist outs....sometimes I'd cornrow the front and put the rest in a ponytail and smack on this afro puff ponytail that I had bought for 70s day at work. I miss that ponytail.... Anywayz, just wanted to share my hair flava a lil bit..........

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