Biotin and Dry Skin?

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I have combination dry skin and it was getting more oilier since the warmer months are coming up, I live in Iowa. I just started taking Hair,Skin and Nails pills and they contain 1500 mcg's of Biotin. The first day I was dumb and took 2 in the afternoon and 1 at night, yesterday I took 1 in the morning and 1 at night and then today I may just cut it down to 1 at night because within the past 2 days my skin feels really tight and dry, even my eye lids, which I have never had dry eyelids or oily, they were normal. I know the pills are water soluable and my mistake on the first day was that I took 3 pills and hardly drank any water, I drank soda. I just exfoliated, washed, toned and moisturized my face and it feels a bit better but my upper chin, below my bottom lip, feels a bit tight. How much water should I drink to get my normal combo skin back? I wanted to wear makeup but I am afraid that my skin will look horrendous when I apply foundation. Should I drink the 8 glasses a day? And my main purpose for taking this pills is too make my nails strong and stop peeling and make my hair grow longer, it's already really thick. I definitely need to be strict with myself and make myself drink 8 glasses of water a day if I am going to take 2 biotin pills but for right now I am lowering it to only 1 a day. I think my face is dry from the biotin and not drinking enough water, it's like I am having the opposite reaction, I know alot of women have broken out but I'm the total opposite, it's drinking my face out I think. Any suggestions on moisturizers and how much water I should be intaking? I currently use the Clinique dramatically diff.moisturizing lotion.


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    Supplements usually take a while to show noticeable effects, weeks or months.

    The solubility of vitamins is mostly noteworthy because it states where they are stored. There's more to it than that, but that's the important part to remember for now. Water soluble means they are broken down, stored and eliminated in liquids (not necessarily water. Everything you drink contains water. All of it is water with stuff added to it.). They body takes what it needs and the rest is passes through in urine. You eliminate those vitamins just as quickly as you eliminate anything else you drink. That doesn't mean go nuts on them though. Fat soluble is important to know because that means they are stored in fatty tissue and stays in your body for longer periods of time. As a result, excess of those vitamins can lead to toxicity over time.
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    So what do you think has caused my skin to be like this? I did use a Freemans cucumber peel away mask and forgot to rinse away the access after peeling it away so some of it stayed on my skin. Do you think that could have caused it? Thank you for responding.

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