virgin hair-almost black-ready to color-help!

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I have virgin hair. my color is dark brown almost black with less than 20% gray throughout.
I would like to try home coloring ...and need advise!
These are my priorities
-keep color as close to my natural color as possible
(not ready to go lighter)
-natural product with least amount of damaging ingrediants
-semi permanent
-easy to do myself
-add shine
Please let me know where to start? brand to try etc


  • tiffanynicholstiffanynichols Posts: 21Registered Users
    Hi! Sorry for such a late reply but if you're wanting a semi-permanent black color, you could use a dye like Manic Panic or Special Effects. They don't have dark brown colors but they have black and they are vegetable dyes so they are very conditioning and won't damage the hair. But like I said, they don't have dark brown just black which probably wouldn't be a good idea unless you want it BLACK black. I've never used Henna but I've read good things about it. So maybe that would be good for you? :)
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    I've been trying to respond since Friday but the site was wonky.

    Have you looked into Color by Robert Craig? It seems to fit all your criteria. :)Hair Color and Hair Care by Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.

    Whatever brand you choose, be sure to select a color that is 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color, as most all brands go darker on curly hair. I would suggest a dark brown to start, you can always go darker but it's hard to lighten up a mistake. :)
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