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I know this is a swap board but I didnt know where else to write. Does anybody know anywhere in Ottawa, Ontario where I can get my curly hair cut well, it is very thick,?



  • OranginaOrangina Posts: 1Registered Users
    I've been wondering the same thing. I have shoulder length curly hair.
  • missmelanie23missmelanie23 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I was suggested First choice haircutters on ogilvie. Apparently one of the girls there deals a lot with naturally curly hair. She's also a teacher in an estetics program out in the gloucester centre.
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    I might be moving up there next year. Is there anywhere that could handle even my hair (extremely thick 3c-4a)?
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  • BlueRoachBlueRoach Posts: 1Registered Users
    I don't know if you consider Kanata too out of the way, but I had my hair trimmed a few months ago at Zu Hair Design and it looked great. In fact one week after my cut, a fellow 3B stranger actually came up to me and asked me where I get my hair cut! PM me if you want the address.
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  • cora30cora30 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I am also looking for a salon in ottawa to cut my cork screw curl, I am very fussy on who cuts my hair, still haven't found someone I like. Any suggestions would be great.
  • SungoamaSungoama Posts: 2Registered Users
    I recommend Mark at Salon Oxide. Its in an unmarked house on Sommerset and is just him, a partner and an assistant. He took a full half hour with me our first meeting over a glass of wine to talk about me, my style, my schedule, my needs, etc. His approach is much more free-form than by-the-book and he's great if you are looking for a much edgier style. He even recommend a product he didn't have because he thought it would be the best option for my hair. He is also an amazing colour tech. Difficult to get an appointment with, but worth the effort.
  • sundae80sundae80 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Sungoama, what's your hair type, if you dont mind me asking? I'm no longer living right in Ottawa, but I'm still willing to drive there to get my hair cut if it is worth it. I normally go to Sandy Hill Haircutter's on Osgood right by Ottawa U just to get trims. For $8.50 she could nicely layer the ends of my hair without butchering the curls. Cant go wrong at that price!
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    Hi There,
    This was a really old posting, but just in case you are still looking ... I went onto the Curl Salons section of the website thinking that I would never find someone in Ottawa ... and was surprised to see a few recommendations. Hopefully the link works ... here it is:

    The one I chose to go to was Renee at Boss Arts - 161 Laurier Ave. W. You park at Mariott Hotel right beside it ... and Boss Arts will pay for your parking. The prices are very reasonable for a downtown salon.

    Renee has beautiful curly hair herself. I made an appointment for a consultation (free) and ended up getting it cut the same day.

    Renee cuts your hair dry. She took a lot of time to look at my hair and speak to me about what I wanted / what I liked / didn't like, etc. She looks at the way your hair falls and then cuts it.

    I would highly recommend her to anyone with curly hair.
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  • curlspecialistcurlspecialist Posts: 1Registered Users
    Just thought I would post a reply. I am a curl specialist and I work out of Trenton, Ontario Canada. It's a couple hours drive, but I am Deva Certified, part of CHA ( Curly Hair artistry) and have been trained with Lorraine Massey just this month!

    If you'd like to book an appointment, check out my facebook page and I also just created my website. You can find me at Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist - KristaLeavittCurlSpecialist and on facebook at


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  • YanaBrionYanaBrion Posts: 4Registered Users
    Years after the original post, if someone's still looking:

    I just got my hair cut (drastically, I dropped from mid-back to above the shoulder) by a wonderful lady at the Hair Co-op on Bank Street. It's looking great, and she's great at taking terrible, uncertain descriptions and making them work. And it's fairly cheap, too - I mean, at $40 a cut, there's nothing to complain about.

    The only thing is, if anyone's looking at this, since the place works as a co-op, every stylist is separate. You have to ask specifically for her, or else you might end up with that one woman with something around 10 negative reviews. So if you're still looking for a reasonably-priced curly cut, call the hair co-op and ask for Caroline. My jewfro 2b hair is looking beautiful thanks to her.
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  • manda.mellmanda.mell Posts: 3Registered Users
    Years later, but if anyone is looking for a curly hair dresser. Boss Arts in Ottawa specializes in curly cuts.
  • PoohbearTPoohbearT Posts: 1Registered Users
    I was just curious to know if anyone in Ottawa, ON has tried Curly Hair Design?
  • curlgirlycurlgirly Posts: 1Registered Users
    Julie Smith (formerly of Jade II) HAS MOVED to Texture Salon at 293 Dalhousie St, Ottawa.
    She is fantastic with curly hair! I found her by reading this thread 5 years ago. After my first visit for a cut and colour with Julie, I've been a happy client ever since.
    I love the way she cuts, layers and colours my hair!
  • charwalcharwal Posts: 1Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yes, Julie Smith is really good at cutting curly hair. I've been going to her for about 3 years now. The only thing is that since she has moved to a different salon, it's more expensive than her previous salon. It's about $80 for a wash/cut/style.
  • mari.teitelbaummari.teitelbaum Posts: 1Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hi Charwal - what's the name of her new salon?

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