What do you do BEFORE coloring your hair?

christianaLAITHchristianaLAITH Posts: 22Registered Users
For example, wash it, deep condition, etc.
And how long before you get your hair colored do you do these things?


  • oh.hi.its.stephoh.hi.its.steph Posts: 640Registered Users
    I try to deep condition the wash right before I color, and then again a week after :)
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  • butterfly57butterfly57 Posts: 19Registered Users
    I have been told by different stylists (Ouidad ones) that I should either deep condition 3 days at a minimum before or after color. I'm really bad at NOT doing my deep conditioning....period. Also, that I should rinse the deep conditioning treatment out with COLD water. Currently I color my hair myself since 2009 due to budget issues. Prior to that always had salon color every 6 weeks and my stylist during that time never told me to deep condition, so I was clueless.
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