Is it possible to see what my hair type is this short?

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Well about a month ago I posted a topic asking this question but it was too short, so I'm asking again. I want to grow my hair out because cutting every few weeks is pretty damn boring.

Anywhoha, is it still too short to tell?

Excuse the sock :oops:


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    Hard to tell, but looks like tiny coffee stirrers. Its probably 4a.
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    Okay, thanks.

    I don't know if this helps... but this is my hair today completely dry. Nothing done to it, except sleeping lol.
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    4a! you have hair just like my honey
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    3C .....thru......10Z
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    So i'm getting i'm either 3c or 4a or 3c/4a. I guess this'll help somewhat in getting products.

    I wasn't sure what to buy and I noticed Giovanni products got good reviews and I had 20 dollars off so I bought 2oz shampoo (since i really don't shampoo) 50 50 conditioner, direct leave in, and their gel, strong hold, plus some omega 3s just because they're good for you. Spent 70 cents in actual products + supplement and 10 dollars in shipping. Kind of cheated the system but hey..

    Here is another picture.
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    4a curls are smaller than 3c. they look like little rods or stirrers. 3c curls are bigger than that.
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    It's pretty hard to tell but it looks like it might be 3c/4a (closer to 4a).
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    I'll post something in a few months once again lol, perchance it'll be easier then. My hair is too short to really curl any. I used some pantene conditioner today and my hair has no curls it seems and instead looks more like larger waves. Except the back a bit which is a little curly.

    All that Giovanni stuff I paid 70 cents for will be here tomorrow though. See how that goes...
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    Nice hair! 3c hair is pencil or straw size curls circumference wise. If you can't stick a pencil or a regular size drinking straw in one of those curls's not 3c. It's smaller which makes it type 4 hair.
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    The back of my head seems fairly tightly coiled the front is somewhat looser and the sides have more hair on them than the top and back but at the moment they seem more to curve rather than curl. Maybe I need more hair for them to begin actually curling.

    This is so silly.. I happened to have a pen and a coffee stir. In the back I can stick a coffee stirrer between a curl and it'll stay there. In the front the stirrer has quite a bit of room between a curl and the pen fits without pulling up the hair or stretching it.
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    So it's been a few extra weeks so I figure it'll be less inconspicuous.